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Válvulas accionadas de larga duración

Los actuadores son la característica principal de nuestras válvulas actuadas que utilizan la presión de gas o hidráulica, así como la electricidad, para controlar el flujo. Algunos tipos de actuadores permiten controlar el flujo o la posición de la válvula a distancia desde una sala de control central.


Las válvulas actuadas de DomBor están fabricadas con materiales de marca que proceden de proveedores de confianza, lo que da lugar a válvulas industriales rentables con cualidades optimizadas de estanqueidad y baja presión de suministro. Puede encontrar válvulas actuadas neumáticamente, válvulas actuadas eléctricamente y válvulas actuadas hidráulicamente en nuestra selección de soluciones de válvulas industriales.

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Válvulas accionadas

La presión del aire empuja hacia abajo el muelle del actuador o la membrana del pistón para accionar el vástago de la válvula actuada y controlar el flujo.

Con un motor eléctrico dentro del mecanismo, el motor del actuador puede cerrar o abrir nuestra válvula actuada funcional sin generar ruido.

Cada una de nuestras válvulas de accionamiento hidráulico, incluyendo las válvulas de compuerta y de globo, utiliza la presión del fluido para crear un movimiento lineal o de cuarto de vuelta de la válvula.

La estrategia más económica es elegir las fiables válvulas DomBor.

DomBor Valve, con sus experimentados especialistas, se especializa en la fabricación de válvulas industriales y proporciona soporte técnico y soluciones de ventanilla única para el mercado global.

Actuated Valve - Dombor

Dombor has been in the industry for two decades as one of the top actuated valve suppliers of high-quality custom valves. We specialize in producing actuated valves through the help of our advanced tools equipped with modern technology. Dombor’s actuated valves are composed of branded materials sourced from our most trusted suppliers, resulting in cost-efficient industrial valves with optimized leakproof and low supply pressure qualities. 


Get your ideal pneumatic actuated valves, electric actuated valves, and hydraulic actuated valves here in Dombor.

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What is an Actuated/Automated Valve

A valve actuator is a mechanical tool that is used to operate the valve through “actuating” or “moving” a power source. This power source can be pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic, which is attached to and works with two valve segments: the body and pilot. Manually operated valves, like a valve actuator, require someone in attendance to adjust them using a direct or geared mechanism attached to the valve stem. 

Actuated valves are a kind of control valve with a simple concept, for it is made of a box that has an input, output, and a tool that operates it. What’s great about getting a valve actuator is that they come with several advantages when used in many industrial applications, such as water treatments, offshore platforms, energy production, naval industries, and processing industries.

As your reliable self-actuated pressure control valve manufacturer, our actuated valves are:

Actuator Valve Types

Pneumatic Valve

Composed with an adjusting screw, breather plug, bonnet, spring, diaphragm assembly, and stem, the pneumatic actuator serves a mechanical motion to an application through the compression of atmospheric air. This is ideal for various applications, including those housed within applications that operate under potentially explosive environments.



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Hydraulic Valve

Hydraulic actuators use a piston-cylinder configuration. High-speed hydraulic actuated valves are not only fast, but can supply a significant force. The piston goes back to its retracted position by either a spring-back force or fluid being supplied to the other side.



Electric Actuated Valve

Generally composed of a control board, drive motor, and adapter, electric actuated valves are the most efficient selection in terms of applications where multiple positioning points are required. This is due to pneumatic cylinders needing many accessories to perform the same types of motion, leading to a higher cost, less accuracy, and less efficiency over time.



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Why Choose Dombor Actuated Valve?

Dombor is your most trustworthy valve and actuator company. We have a reliable supply network, plus we offer the latest production and assembly machinery.

Variety & Quality

Dombor supports many industrial applications because we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality actuated valves, such as pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuated valves.

Customization service

We manufacture custom actuated valves to ensure that our industrial valve products fit your application standards and demand.


Our products and services comply with international certifications we obtained to guarantee we only produce the best and highest quality products and services to our clients.

Fast Shipping

As a motor-operated valves manufacturer, Dombor makes sure that we commit to our clients’ requested deadline because we understand the importance of adhering to the timeline required.

After Sales Service

Our service does not end with product delivery because we offer warranties and provide after-care customer service to our clients as part of our quality service.

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Generating high-quality valve solutions requires a deep insight into market needs. DomBor Valve, as a reliable valve manufacturer, relies on a trusted supply network, the latest production, and assembly machinery, along with digital design capabilities and 20 years of industry experience.

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